We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.



To achieve safety excellence...
change your culture.
Step One:



Culture change starts with defining your expectations. Our team of experts will help you understand your activities, primary hazards, and critical observable actions. We will help you answer, "What must be true for this to be safe?"

Step Two:



Once you have defined your safety expectations, you have to communicate them. We design communication strategies that bring clarity to your worksites. Our training is deliverable via mobile devices and computers. Your crews will be crystal clear regarding your expectations...prior to starting work.

Step Three:



Once you have defined and communicated your safety expectations, you must confirm execution in the field. We design precise observation programs, train your observers to conduct perfect observations, and create a dashboard to make your data meaningful.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.


George Bernard Shaw


Online Training

Culture change begins with clearly defining your expectations.

Our training will simultaneously help mitigate compliance risk and initiate culture change. Your training will be relevant to your industry and workforce. If regulations change, or best practices become better, your training will automatically update. Our designers and safety experts will constantly ensure that every course in your learning path is both captivating and compliant. Your training will be available anywhere...anytime. Your learners will be able to complete their assigned training whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 


Our Learning Management System (LMS) is intuitive and configurable. Our designers will work directly with your administrators to design a learning architecture that fits your business best. Your training records will be immediately accessible. With our LMS, you will be able view and download individual training records, specific group completion rates, specific course completion rates, or the compliance level of your entire organization, all at the click of a button. If we don't have a specific course you need, we will design it. Usually at no cost to you.


Compliance and culture change just got a lot easier.


Trust but verify.


Ronald Reagan


Field Observation

Effective training is only the first step.


The second step towards culture change is confirmation. You must constantly confirm that your crews are working according to the expectations communicated in your training. The good news is the best possible observers already work for you. They're your field leaders, foremen, safety professionals, and team leaders. Equipped with our Field Observation App, your observers will confirm that work is being done according to both regulatory requirements and industry best practices. You will receive regular reports regarding your observations, confirmed safe work practices, and inherent risks.


Observation just became more efficient.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.


              King Solomon


Field Safety Advisors

Sometimes you need a second opinion, a fresh set of eyes, or a full time safety coordinator onsite. Our experienced Field Safety Advisors will come to your worksite and perform thorough audits, based upon your Code of Safe Practices. We will use the same Field Observation App that we designed for your observers. The results will be an invaluable comparison between your data and ours. Our Field Safety Advisors are subject matter experts in your field, thus are able to offer crucial insight into your existing safety program. Our Field Safety Advisors are available for one day...or for your entire project. As long as you need us on your project, we will be there.


Safety just got a lot smarter.

Field Safety Advisors

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